About Us

Our Team


Chair- Kirk Holwell
Chair Elect - Mark Harding
Chair Emeritus - Wil Chase
Secretary - Glenn Rotkovich
Treasurer - Ivy Craig
Officers At Large - Becky Zierer
Officers At Large - Gary May

Private Sector Directors Affiliation

Angie Bedolla - CORE Electric
Wil Chase - REAP Founder
Doug Claussen - I-70 Publishing
Debra Deines - First National Bank
Sarah Dewindt - Independent Bank
Michelle Gayeski - Bennett Crossing
Mark Harding - Pure Cycle Corporation
Al Holcomb - Western Hardware
Kirk Holwell - High Plains Bank
Kevin Hougen - Aurora Chamber
Frank Linnebur - CoLand Realty
Gary May - May Farms
Glenn Rotkovich - Lead Valley Range
Mary Sheely - TBK Bank
Kent Vashus - The Corner Store
Jeff Vogel - Vogel & Associates
Becky Zierer - I-70 CoCC

Public Sector Directors Affiliation

Lynn Baca - Adam County Commissoner
Jeff Baker - Arapahoe County Commissioner
Judd Behrens - Deer Trail Mayor
Loretta Daniel/Alternate - Arapahoe County
Dave Gruber - City of Aurora
Mike Jobman - Deer Trail Schools Dist. 26J
Monica Johnson - Strasburg School Dist. 31J
Jeff Kloska - Colorado Air & Space Port
Whitney Oakley/Alternate
Royce Pindell - Bennett Mayor
Robin Purdy - Bennett School Dist. 29J
Tom Turrell - Byers School Dist. 32J

Executive Director

Louis X. "Kip" Cheroutes

REAP Administrator

Sherry James


2023 Initiatives

General Growth & Development

In Adams & Arapahoe Counties, REAP will be an active player for balanced growth and sustainable quality of life along the I-70 Corridor from Aurora to Deer Trail.


REAP will align with Colorado Air & space


REAP will align with Colorado Air & space Port, commercial and general aviation to advance research development and manufacturing job creation.

Transportation & Infrastructure

REAP will find, leverage, advocate and help implement new highway, internet, grid and transit funding.


REAP will lead exploration of new electric technologies and help guide the orderly development of existing oil and gas resources.

Agriculture & Agritourism

REAP will support a strong local agriculture economy including hemp, assist agritourism enterprises and bring cultural arts to the region.


REAP will partner with rural schools to connect job centers for early workforce development.


REAP will explore new options for quality rural care with cost and urgent care as priorities.