Executive Director Greeting

I am honored that you clicked the link to my message. Even if by accident.
But if not by accident why? Want to get the elevator speech about REAP? Learn more about the executive director and his strange name? Try to sell something?
REAP founders had a vision to connect suburban with agricultural land uses for compatible economic development. REAP networks, recruits, advocates, educates and advises with a government relations mindset. Want examples? REAP:
• Organized field trips to DEN and CORE Utilities for high school students and career awareness.
• Lobbied CDOT for traffic improvements in Bennett; Aurora to improve access to Spaceport.
• Hired a high school student as an intern for Spanish language translations.
That mindset sees opportunities and resources early on and knows how to navigate the politics for the benefit of REAP constituents and members. Like what? This year REAP will:
• Be a thought leader on economic development with depleted groundwater.
• Be an advisor on EV station placement and advocate for transit on the I-70 Corridor.
• Continue to connect high schools to job centers.
Unfamiliar with I-70 to the east? Sense new activity? Both are good reasons to visit the website again and read my future news. Stay current with REAP. You’ll see value. Maybe even as a member.
Want to know more? Call or write. I’m standing by.
Louis X. “Kip” Cheroutes